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SUNSHINE RFID Technology Co.,Limited


  • SUNSHINE RFID Technology Co.,Limited
  • SUNSHINE RFID Technology Co.,Limited
  • SUNSHINE RFID Technology Co.,Limited
  • SUNSHINE RFID Technology Co.,Limited
  • SUNSHINE RFID Technology Co.,Limited
Company Details:
Main Market: North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East
Business Type: Manufacturer
Brands: SUNSHINE No. of Employees: 100~200
Annual Sales: 1000000-3000000 Year Established: 2011
Export p.c: 70% - 80%
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SUNSHINE RFID Technology Co.,Limited is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, manufacture and sales of top quality UHF RFID products and active RFID products. We focus on the development and sales of UHF RFID modules, readers and tags, and 2.45GHz RFID readers, tags, etc. We spare no efforts on the supply of RFID products with various functions and high reliability to our cooperation partners. Also we provide the clients in fields of libraries, financial units, mass production and logistics with comprehensive intelligence solutions.


1: SUNSHINE RFID TECHNOLOGY CO.,LIMITED is China's leading UHF RFID product development and production enterprises and integrated solutions provider.
We focus on the UHF RFID technology and research industry norms, is committed to the UHF RFID module and the label such as product development,production and sales, provide RFID products with high performance and high reliability for partners.At the same time, with a solid RFID industry technology strength as the basis, the company actively for the library, finance, automobile manufacturing,logistics and other industry users to provide intelligent comprehensive solutions and related services

2:Strong research and development strength in RFID field
Solid technological R & D strength and innovation ability is the driving force of our continuous growth.The company has a professional quality and creativity of the RFID technology research and development team, composed of senior RFID technical experts.Core technology team R & D personnel have more than 10 years of RFID R & D experience, in-depth study of ultra high frequency RFID technology,in the field of ultra high frequency RFID has a strong independent R & D capability
3:Professional RFID microwave experimental environment

The company invested a lot of money from the United States to purchase microwave experimental equipment, including spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, oscilloscope and other testing equipment.At present, a complete and standardized UHF RFID development laboratory has been established.

4: Complete RFID product line
At present, the company has independently developed two major product lines, sunshine series UHF RFID identification products and sunshine series RFID Smart Library products. The product line covers the general products in the field of UHF RFID, including all kinds of UHF RFID tags, handheld read and write terminals, fixed reading and writing terminals, four channel read-write terminals, desktop card issuing terminals and some other products. At the same time, the company has also developed a series of Library RFID special equipment for library users.
5: International leading product performance
The ultra high frequency RFID read and write module based on IMPINJ R2000 chip developed by the company in China has the best sensitivity in the industry of -110 dBm,and the performance of reading and writing is in the international advanced level.The maximum output power of the module is 30dBm, matching the 8dBi gain antenna, the tag distance can reach more than 10m, and the tag recognition rate greater
than 400tags/s can be achieved.
6:Cooperation with global famous manufacturers
We are the domestic partner of INPINJ and ALIEN two international super high frequency RFID chip manufacturers,with the leading domestic RFID tag design, packaging capabilities and profound technical expertise.
7: Customer oriented corporate culture

Your satisfaction and success is the highest goal of our struggle. Adhering to the "return customers, return employees, return to society" concept, quality as the fundamental, technology as the core, with innovation as the driving force, We will continue to work hard, continue to improve, strive to provide customers with increasingly high quality products and services, to create higher value for customers

2011 company was set up from UHF RFID UHF RFID industry experienced R & D and operations personnel .

Companies invest a lot of money to buy equipment, the establishment of the RF development lab.

We create first UHF RFID MODULE in local market, Its performance is similar with IMPINJ and ALIEN


2012 We supply RFID solution for Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile Production Line

Research and development integrated uhf rfid reader , four channel UHF RFID reader series , It improved the product line.


2013 Successful get three UHF RFID patents

Research and development anti metal uhf rfid tag series etc , It improved the product line.

Successful research and development handheld rfid reader ,tablet uhf rfid reader etc, It established a set of embedded modules, fixed readers, handheld readers, tags and antennas for the integration of a complete product line of UHF RFID.


2014 The company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification

The company get Shenzhen Venture Innovation Award, and successfully obtained free of Shenzhen Venture

capital funding.

The company total Customer more than 500 .

Successful research and development the low end UHF RFID embedded modules ,reader etc, It further enriching the product line.


2015 The company successfully developed a RFID access control door

Update uhf rfid products series,Built LINUX operating system , and make it more powerful.

The company successfully through the Japan-related RF certification.

The company successfully obtained three utility model patents, a patent.

The company total Customer more than 1000 .



Service Policy


"To provide thoughtful, satisfactory service, timely and efficient handling of customer complaints, the greatest extent possible to meet customer requirements," This is our consistent principle of service. Our professional tech service department will provide users with high-quality and timely service, make users no worries.

1, We will provide warranty service for your system, depending on the warranty provided by the manufacturers, service, technical support and so on. For products purchased from our company and in the warranty period, and the specified warranty brand in the warranty period, we will promise to repair for free.


2, Unauthorized repair, misuse, neglect, abuse, alteration, improper installation and damage caused by force , defect products, under these conditions products are not in the warranty.


3, For large customers and clients, we achieved certain concessions, priority policy.


4, Clients can call to repair, online repair, home repair and other repair methods.


5, After-sales mainly adopts sending repair, can provide on-site service.

6, Exceed the warranty period, company will be responsible for the lifetime maintenance (Revised):

• We pledge to continue to provide equipment repair , if any maintenance costs, it shall be borne by the user.
• We will committed to improve and upgrade the software for free.
•Warranty exceed two years, we will be responsible regular maintenance and repairs, but replacement parts are excluded for free; we will charge as appropriate for parts (excluding low valued consumable parts) , clients bear the repair travel expenses.
•After the warranty expires, we are committed to related maintenance services and provide spare parts following contract price agreements.


7. We set support center at the headquarters. if you have any questions, can contact them at any time, will get a satisfactory answer. We will get the users' permit and be associated with scene of systems, our technician can do remotely online real-time operation and maintenance.


Our Team

R &D team
The company has a high professional quality, creativity and strong RFID technology research and development team, consisting of senior experts in RFID technology. Core technology R & D team and technical personnel with more than 10 years of RFID research and development experience, They have in-depth study of the UHF RFID technology, with a strong R & D capabilities in the field of UHF RFID.



The marketing team

The marketing team is an important part of SANRAY Company. Sales team is the marketing leader from the well-known enterprises and graduates from well-known universities. SANRAY company has been make the marketing concept throughout the company from top to bottom. We put emphasis on "market-oriented technical staff, marketing staff technicalization". We make the customer's demand in the first place.



"Customer first, service first" is SANRAY service concept. SANRAY has a strong customer service team to provide customers with pre-sale and after-sales service. It has a professional and technical personnel, handling consulting services from all users every day. The Professional, efficient service team provides customers with fast, full service anytime and anywhere.


Engineering team

SANRAY company has a professional production management team. We have many years of management experience in the industry, and provide a guarantee for the quality and stability of the product.

SUNSHINE RFID Technology Co.,Limited

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