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active 2.45 GHZ Module

June 12, 2018

china latest news about active 2.45 GHZ Module



The M2410 is an active RFID reader module operating in the 2.4GHz band. The product has a wide range of applications, high recognition rate, powerful features, high reliability, and strong scalability. Its read range is adjustable from 0 to 80 meters in radius.

The M2410 long-distance reading and writing module is equipped with a new generation of 2.4G high-frequency transceiver chip developed by Nordic. The main control chip selects a new generation of high-performance ARM-COTEX M processor, which has functions such as watchdog and real-time monitoring of device status information. Equipped with an external amplifier and low-noise amplifier to improve transceiver performance.The module also integrates a high dynamic range gain control circuit for wide range range applications. The reader module is shielded by a metal shell. The appearance of the reader module is simple, beautiful, compact, lightweight, durable, and full of sense of technology and modernity. The module has a double-row pin interface, and the host connection is more reliable.

The product adopts software fault-tolerant and hardware anti-jamming design, and can work continuously and stably for a long time in a bad working environment.




●Reader module supports TTL level, UART communication interface.

●Reading distance can be debugged by software to realize perimeter applications.


●Provides a powerful API user interface that enables rapid integration and interfacing with existing user information systems.

●The reader module design, device selection and production test procedures are all referenced to industrial product labels and can be used under all kinds of harsh conditions.

●This product uses an alloy shield cover, which has high strength, anti-jamming and other advantages.

●The communication protocol is developed independently by Xunyuan and can be customized and extended for the needs of special users.

●Provide supporting API development kits to enable customers to quickly complete development.

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